Feeding Pets Raw Food


There’s no getting away from genetics. Like their ancestors, dogs and cats are born carnivores. Throughout history, wild dogs and cats thrived on what they could hunt and consume, and the bulk of their diet was made up of prey they hunted or scavenged. Look closely at a dog’s or cat’s anatomy and you’ll notice that they are built very differently from humans. Powerful teeth, short intestinal tracts, acidic gut flora – all are designed for raw meat consumption.

What are the Benefits of a Raw Diet?

Raw feeders say they notice definite health benefits to their dogs and cats, including:

  • Increased energy
  • Better digestion
  • Glossier, softer coats
  • Healthier skin
  • Lower obesity
  • Less plaque and tarter on teeth
  • Less allergies
  • Smaller, less smelly stools

Why all Dehydrated Diets are not Created Equal

Dehydrated raw is a much more convenient way to feed a raw diet. There’s no mess or remembering to take food out of the freezer. While some foods are freeze dried or dried with heat, LifeFORCE is air dried at room temperature to ensure beneficial food enzymes are not destroyed. This patent pending process means your animal friends get the most nutrition possible out of their food. LifeFORCE is also easily rehydrated – in only 15 minutes. It’s never been so easy or convenient to feed your pet a species- appropriate diet!

How to Transition to a Raw Diet

As with any new diet, it’s best to introduce LifeFORCE slowly over 10-14 days. If your dog or cat is new to a raw diet, stick with one protein source (chicken or beef) during the transition period.

If your pet’s stools are firm, you may speed up your transition by a day. Switching slowly gives your dog’s or cat’s system time to adapt to this healthier diet, which is richer in enzymes and nutrients. Think of it this way – imagine you’ve been eating cereal all your life and now you’ve decided to eat only fresh vegetables. Your body will need a little time to adjust to all these wonderful new bioavailable nutrients, vitamins and minerals, not to mention the fiber.

Transition Guidelines:

We recommend the following guidelines for a smooth transition:


Day 1-4 Day 5-7 Day 8-10 Day 11+


25% LifeFORCE                    


50% LifeFORCE                    75% LifeFORCE                 100% LifeFORCE             

 75% Current Diet

50% Current Diet

25% Current Diet


Variety is the spice of life!

Once you’ve transitioned to LifeFORCE, we recommend changing up the protein sources periodically to ensure your pet is getting optimal nutrition. Since every protein source offers different benefits, fat content, etc., feeding a variety of foods provides your animal with a more rounded diet. You can vary the diet as much as you like, rotating protein sources daily or a couple of times a week. It’s as easy as storing a couple of different recipes in your cupboard. The following link lists natural food and herb supplements that can be added to LifeFORCE Raw Air-Dried Dog Food which will aid your dog with minor health issues.