Amy & Penny

"I keep the Collar Diffuser on her all of the time and we refill the pucks diffused with "Mellow Dog". Penny came from a shelter in Kentucky. We don’t know her history, but many things do work up her anxiety. Having some fresh essential oils on her diffuser before a stressful situation (car rides, trips to the vet, etc) help take the edge off, allowing her to relax a little. We also apply the total oral care to her teeth daily and haven't noticed any further plaque build up! Thanks for making such great products!"

Kona & Cali – West Coast Heeler Pack

"LifeFORCE is made in Canada and uses ingredients you can read and understand, making this an option I can be happy with. This is a great raw alternative I will be happy to continue to feed my dogs on camping trips."

Mary-Lou Spencer & Lucy

We tried your Nature Dog Spray for the first time over the weekend. On our first day of double digit temperatures, it was the perfect opportunity for us to take Lucy on a hike in the woods of Northumberland Forest. The spray was very easy to apply – just spray, rub and go – and it smelled really nice. No fleas or ticks found their way onto Lucy, so I’d say it was effective also. We are trying to avoid giving Lucy harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins to prevent these nasty pests, so your all-natural Nature Dog Spray will be used before all of our nature hikes!

Heather & Lexi

"I just started using the Paw Stick by LifeFORCE and have noticed that Lexi’s paws are much softer already! She almost seems to enjoy having the paw stick applied! With the cold weather arriving, I know I'll be using it to help protect her pads this winter."

Heather, John & Georgia

"Georgia is a rescued 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier/Miniature Schnauzer cross, who has made huge strides in opening up and relaxing in the 6 months since we've had her. However, I was concerned about taking her to our family brunch, where there would be about 20 people. I attached the Mellow Dog Essential Oil Collar Diffuser, and she was NOT stressed at all. She was very calm and never barked once. The Mellow Dog Aromatherapy was a big help!"

Izabella & Lui

"My dog Lui has been on LifeFORCE for a few months and the difference is amazing! For starters he's no longer a chaba wabba😊 He's lost weight and you can actually see his waistline, which is amazing! He's happy and vibrant and I couldn't ask for anything more. So thank you for creating truly healthy food for dogs!"

Lisa & Bailey

“I met you at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto and bought a bag of food for Bailey. Bailey is a 1 ½ year old rescue who had some really awful digestive issues when we first got him. Now he has more energy, is happier, his dry skin and itchy toes have gone away and his coat is super shiny. Bailey will live a long healthy life on LifeFORCE. Plus, you ship it quickly!"

Jane & Fawn

"I’ve been feeding our dog LifeFORCE food and treats for about 3 months and she is thriving! On LifeFORCE she is lean, energetic and happy. Several years ago, I tried my pets on a traditional raw diet but found the food was hard to portion, messy, and I was always worried about potential contamination, both for my pets and my family. Life Force’s dehydration process takes care of those concerns and I know my dog is eating wholesome, nutritious food without putting her and my kitchen at risk. The food is clean, convenient, and most importantly, our dog loves it!”

Tanja & Haggis

“Our two-year old Havanese, Haggis, is a picky eater with a sensitive stomach. We knew he wasn’t happy with his food but were reluctant to switch from the generic kibble that both his breeder and vet had recommended. After doing some personal research and good old trial-and-error with several raw food type diet products, we discovered LifeFORCE Raw Air Dried Food. Haggis no longer leaves his food bowl sitting all day and his energy level, skin and coat have all benefited from eating real food! Thank you!”