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That feeling of responsibility for another life can be very motivating. It drives us to want the best for our four-legged family members. To make products that you can trust, we've searched high and low for quality ingredients. Our goal is to provide your pets with the best - in a way that fits your lifestyle.

At the heart of every being emanates a vital energy known as the LifeFORCE

With this founding principle in mind, we developed our comprehensive and growing line of products. From a wide selection of health products designed for common everyday problems, to pet-safe, therapeutic grade aromatherapy blends, LifeFORCE products contain only the finest all-natural ingredients with zero artificial preservatives or chemicals.

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INTEGRITY - To be honest and moral in all things.
TRUST - To foster an environment of mutual understanding and reliability.
RESPECT - To always hold our clients, employees and affiliates in the highest regard.


To continually strive to be a leading innovator providing your pets with the absolute best all natural products to help you enjoy a long and healthy life together.