LifeFORCE Dog Ambassadors:

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Odin is a purebred European Doberman Pinscher. His birthday is November 24, 2017. He loves car rides, chasing birds and squirrels. His personality is fun, loving & quirky. He knows a lot of different commands and is very treat oriented!

Favorite LifeFORCE product: The Paw Stick
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Chico is a mini Bull Terrier that emigrated to Canada from Hungary 3 years ago. He is VERY stubborn, but oh so sweet & with a heart of gold! He absolutely loves every single dog & person he meets, cats - not so much! He will do anything for a spoon of peanut butter or Greenies dental stick.
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Sadie is 3 months old, born in Calgary & very, very smart little girl. She loves to eat & play & do zoomies all over the house. She absolutely loves snow! She's not a fan of vegetables
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Chance is a very special dog. Having come from Kuwait, Chance has experienced things we could never imagine. He was rescued by a wonderful group, and adopted by his awesome mom in Quebec, Canada. We hope to help spread his story to bring awareness to what is happening to dogs in Kuwait. Chance can run and zoom around like he never lost his legs. He can play with toys just like any other dog and shower his humans with lots of affection. He will make you see the positive side of this beautiful world!