Retail Partners: LifeFORCE Retail Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn by becoming a Retail Partner?

Retail Partners can earn up to 100% markup on LifeFORCE products.     

As a Retail Partner, do I have to pay to have my products shipped to my store?

Yes. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the retailer; however registered Retail Partners will receive Expedited shipping at no additional cost. Orders of $299 or more (before taxes) will be shipped for free.

I have noticed that products for retail need to be purchased in case quantities. Does LifeFORCE offer buy back for product that isn’t selling?

We totally understand and appreciate the nature of your business and that space is an issue. While we do offer our products in case sizes we have done our best to ensure that the quantities are manageable. LifeFORCE will swap out any unopened products, that aren’t selling, in the form of a credit towards the purchase of other LifeFORCE products. If you wish to terminate your Retail partnership, LifeFORCE Pet Health will buy back any unused and unopened products based on the following:

Retail Partnership Length

Percentage Refunded

1 Month

100% refund

2-6 Months

75% refund

6+ Months

50% refund


**Return shipping costs shall be at the expense of the retailer.


My grooming shop is in very close proximity to a pet supply store. This same question also comes up regarding the Online Ambassador. What ensures that a person across the street from my shop isn’t selling the same products?

If you require exclusivity from other Retail Partners in your area, you would need to follow the guidelines as outlined above. A list of our Retail Partners will be provided on the LifeFORCE website so that customers can see where they are able to purchase the products. Our research shows that people prefer to buy from a store front rather than online so you will have the higher ground.

What programs have been implemented to ensure protection for retailers regarding competition sales?

Our priority is retail partners that can sell products. We offer exclusivity based on various guidelines that have been determined by regional population as outlined below. We ask that you make a full effort to maintain the level of sales required for exclusivity in your area. We can evaluate the program on a semi-annual basis to monitor progress.