There are many natural food and herb supplements that can be added to LifeFORCE Raw Air-Dried Dog Food which will aid your dog with minor health issues.

Health Issue Suggested Ingredient Supplement
Worm prevention Add a sprinkle of fresh basil and/or sage
Travel sickness Add some dried stinging nettle, ginger and/or apple cider vinegar
Sprains Add fennel and/or parsley
Resperatory Diseases Add a bit of ginger tea to your dog’s regular feedings
Lack of Appetite Add a tsp of Goats Yogurt, Cottage cheese, apple cider vinegar, a bit of crushed pumpkin seeds and/or chia seeds
Itching Tea from sage, thyme, oregano, and/or fennel with some honey
Itching Tea from sage, thyme, oregano, and/or fennel with some honey
Insect bites Add evening primrose oil and honey
Incontinence/Prostate issues Tea from raspberry leaves, some grated apple and ginger, and keep hydrated
Immune system Add some parsley and sage to your dog’s regular feedings
Fleas Apple cider vinegar and a sprinkle of fennel and caraway seeds
Flatulence Rosemary and coconut shavings can help keep fleas away
Fatigue Walnut and/or rapeseed oil added to feedings
Diarrhea Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil
Cough Blend dandelion tea with some vinegar and aloe vera and apply topically
Constipation Make an endive salad with pineapple to add to your dog’s regular meal
Chronic pain Add a drop of black cumin oil to regular feedings
Bad breath Blend ginger and safflower oil and apply topically
Arthritis Peppermint and/or ginger tea
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